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The St. Louis Tax Assistance Program is building communities family by family by creating and growing assets through direct and innovative financial solutions for the working poor. Our program has always relied on the enthusiasm and devotion of our volunteers, community partners, and sponsors. As our goals and our needs increase, we need your support more than ever to help us continue to serve those most in need, the working poor.

The St. Louis Tax Assistance Program began modestly in 1998 with 180 volunteers who served 184 families and returned over $176,000 to the St. Louis community. Since then, the program has experienced tremendous growth. In the 17 years since its inception, the St. Louis Tax Assistance Program has served more than 25,321 families, resulting in an economic impact of over $35.4 million. The growth of the program is due in part to a unique combination of volunteerism, entrepreneurship, community development, government and corporate support, and foundation support.





Today, the Tax Assistance Program operates community sites in the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County. In 17 years, our volunteer base has grown from 180 to over 300.

The Tax Assistance Program is a salute to those who believe in a hard day's work and a recruitment of those who believe that everyone deserves as much as they can get out of life.

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